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Learning product: Antibiotic Audit tool for SAPG

This audit tool (excel spreadsheet) has been specifically designed to help prescribers qualitatively audit prescribing of antibiotics. It is a national audit tool developed by the Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group for audit of primary care management of commonly encountered infections. In conjunction with the Scottish Reduction in Antimicrobial Prescribing ( ScRAP) Programme, this audit tool can be used to provide prescribers with qualitative information on their prescribing of antibiotics, while complementing PRISMS data. Excel spreadsheet. October 2013.

Learning product: Antibiotic use within Intensive Care : for ASAP


Learning product: Antimicrobial stewardship in primary care

A webinar outlining local and national issues affecting antibiotic prescribing. The webinar lasts approximately 1 hour.

Learning product: Antimicrobials and infection management : key resource

This resource enables pharmacy staff to advise on antimicrobial therapy, ensure that antimicrobial use is appropriate, monitor antimicrobial use and select antimicrobials according to patient needs. Topics include; antimicrobial agents, selecting an antimicrobial, antimicrobial prophylaxis, antimicrobial monitoring, patient issues and managing infections.The target audience is pharmacy staff and other healthcare professionals who are interested in learning about antimicrobials and infection management. There are 6 modules and exercises with suggested answers with MCQs for completion at the end of the course which is available on Portal. It is an e learning resource that takes about 10 hours to complete.

Learning product: Antimicrobials in Clinical Practice

This resource is designed for local trainers to support practitioners who are involved in the prescribing, monitoring and administration of antibiotics in their early stages of clinical practice. It will also be of value to those returning to practice or those wishing to refresh their knowledge of contemporary approaches to antimicrobial therapy in Scotland.

Learning product: Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural, usually self-limiting, emotion. However, anxiety is considered to be abnormal if it: 1) is out of proportion to the stressful situation; 2) or persists when a stressful situation has gone, or is minor; 3) or appears for no apparent reason when there is no stressful situation. One in 20 people will have an anxiety disorder at any one time, with women twice as likely to suffer from anxiety as men. In some people anxiety can be subjectively intolerable and therefore disabling. It is then considered to be pathological, requiring treatment to enable the sufferer to resume a normal lifestyle. In this circumstance anxiety tends to run a chronic course and treatment is often only partially successful. This resource takes approximately 2 hours to complete

Publication: Appraisal Handbook for General Practice Nurses

(NES) General Practice Nurse (GPN)1 Appraisal Handbook has been developed as a flexible resource for use in nurse appraisals in general practice. It was developed in response to repeated requests for a resource to assist in general practice nurse appraisal from a range of stakeholders. This handbook contains information and advice for appraiser and appraisee, as well as documentation.

Publication: Assessment of Patient Education in Diabetes in Scotland

This document defines the process adopted within Scotland to assess patient education in diabetes as meeting nationally agreed criteria. The document must be read in tandem with the Reviewers’ Handbook.

Publication: Audit allowance application form (GP217)

Clinical Audit Allowance application form

Publication: Basic Sensory Impairment Awareness

Basic Sensory Impairment Training for NHSScotland Frontline Staff