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Scots health safety team share expertise with Israeli medics


Israeli medics could soon benefit from NHS Education for Scotland quality improvement programmes, as part of a ground-breaking partnership to help them drive down mortality rates and adverse events, such as Healthcare Associated Infections.

Laura Allison, Head of Quality Improvement of NES and Shaun Maher, Strategic Advisor from the Scottish Government visited the Nazareth Trust in Israel last week. They were there to support the Trust and the wider Nazareth Hospital workforce to learn how to embed quality as a business strategy. Following a visit in 2015 by NHSScotland National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch, the Trust indicated it would like its staff to take part in NES' quality improvement programmes.

Mrs Allison said: "Scotland has got an international reputation for teaching and using Quality Improvement methods to improve healthcare safety and quality. NES plays a significant role in this area. It's great that we can not only use our experience to support better healthcare within Scotland, but also share this with counterparts in other countries too.

"Quality Improvement is as much about creating the conditions for improvement to happen as it is about the method you use.  The workshops with the Nazareth Trust focused on equipping the participants with a systematic approach to improvement and providing the organisation’s leaders with an understanding of how to create an environment for clinical teams to thrive and improve.

"The next steps are to provide some follow-up improvement coaching for the teams via Skype between now and the end of the year. We are also looking to support the Nazareth Trust to build their own capacity to support improvement by recruiting their own staff to attend the Scottish Quality Safety Fellowship and the Scottish Improvement Leader programmes and so join our international network of improvement experts.”

Scotland and the Nazareth Trust have had a strong association for more than 150 years. The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society first sent a doctor to Nazareth in 1861 to provide healthcare for impoverished Bedouin communities living in the area, and the current chair of the Board is Morgan Jamieson a retired paediatric surgeon from Glasgow. The Trust still provides healthcare to the population of Nazareth today.  

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