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Making handwashing a habit


15 October is Global Handwashing Day and and we're helping to reinforce the message that making handwashing a habit is a key component in reducing the spread of infections.  In this way we can improve outcomes for those we care for as well as protect staff and relatives.

Hand hygiene is one of the 10 Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs).  It's one of the most important things you can do to reduce the spread of harmful micro-organisms which can cause Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) and is necessary for a safe, clean and healthy care environment.

Introducing Hand Hygiene – What’s Stopping You?

The whiteboard animation was developed as part of the forthcoming Scottish Infection Prevention & Control Education Pathway.  The animation looks at the barriers and challenges that staff in all care environments can face and reasons why handwashing is not always carried out consistently, correctly and regularly.

Watch the animation and consider the key messages – the power to effect a behaviour change and make handwashing a habit is in your hands, so make the difference today and always.

Hand Hygiene – What’s Stopping You (with audio)
Hand Hygiene – What’s Stopping You (no audio, subtitles)

The animation can be used as a standalone training tool or incorporated into local in-house training provision. The animation will feature in the hand hygiene module of the forthcoming Scottish Infection Prevention & Control Education Pathway. We are providing as this as a ‘taster’ now in support of #GlobalHandwashingDay.

Remember to show your support and make handwashing a habit to help prevent the spread of infections and play your part in helping to strengthen our defences.