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Use this area to access the many courses and education events that NES arranges every year.

Courses and events

Course: Antibiotic Prescribing

The online short course covers some background information but centres on clinical case based vignettes to deliver key points relating to antibiotic prescribing. The vignettes also offer an online assessment, with the facility to print off a record of learning as the course is completed.

Course: Basic Microbiology

To understand the concept of infection control it is necessary to understand basic microbiology regarding the types of micro-organisms involved. The aim of this programme is to assist healthcare workers to understand basic microbiology however the target audience is registered nurses at post-graduate level.

Course: C. difficile - A Clinical Scenario

This scenario presents information and questions around C. difficile and its management. Some questions are based on the management of an individual case; others look at the broader aspects of clinical management.

Course: C. difficile - A clinical Tutorial

Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) can range in severity from mild symptoms to more severe and can in some cases be fatal. Hospital outbreaks of CDI have been reported and some have proven difficult to control. Effective management hinges on early diagnosis, appropriate treatment of individual cases and infection control measures to minimize the risk of transmission. This online learning tutorial is designed for self directed learning.

Course: HAI Mandatory Induction Training Framework

Mandatory Induction Training in HAI is based on the principle that the greater the number of healthcare workers with direct or indirect patitent contact who have an understanding of the Standard Infection Control Precautions, the greater the chance of promoting high personal standards and behaviours in the reduction of HAI within NHSScotland.

Course: Helping Patients Cope with Isolation in Hospital

This programme has been designed and developed for healthcare workers and aims to help understand the psychological, social and physical effects of isolation on patients, regardless of the cause of isolation and provide techniques and ideas for lessening these impacts through meaningful therapeutic interventions.

Course: Hospital Outbreak Management

The main aim of this online course is to support NHS organisations to prepare Infection Control Practitioners and their teams to effectively manage an HAI outbreak. The course is interactive and is based on an outbreak scenario and takes the learner through a sequence of events which unfold as the outbreak develops.

Course: Introduction to Systemic Practice and Family Interventions

Two experienced family therapists will lead this training, creating a constructive environment where participants can develop as reflective practitioners working with ideas around, systems beliefs and therapeutic stance. Participants will be expected to bring case examples from their workplaces, these will provide learning opportunities through the use of role play and other interactive learning mediums. There will be reading before and in between training days and a small piece of practice based writing to be brought to the follow up day.

Course: Minor injuries

Full day course on current information and clinical advice on minor injury managment and aftercare CPD Points: 7

Course: MRSA - A Clinical Scenario

The online scenario will describe a clinical situation and the learner will be asked questions based on how best to manage the situation presented. Some questions will be based on management of an individual case; others may look at broader aspects of clinical management.