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Health and Social Care

Developing Integrated Knowledge Services for Care Home and Care at Home Staff

NES Knowledge Services (NES KSG) has commissioned the development of an integrated portfolio of knowledge services to support health and social services staff supporting care of older people. This will include:

  • Access to evidence, information and learning resources.
  • Training in the core knowledge management skills of finding, evaluating and sharing information.
  • Facilitating the translation of knowledge into practice, through action-focused communities of practice
  • Building the information support role of practitioners in sharing knowledge with service users and carers as part of the care partnership.

The integrated portfolio of knowledge services will build on the outcomes of four projects:

  1. Implementation of an online knowledge portal, communities of practice, and information skills training to improve use of knowledge by care home and care at home staff caring for older people.
  2. Facilitation of an action-focused community of practice in translating knowledge into practice to improve outcomes in a specific priority area - e.g. management of falls.
  3. Creation of an evidence map to highlight high-impact evidence-based interventions in care of older people that will support the Community Outcomes Framework.
  4. Delivery of a training and mentoring package to support implementation of the information support role in care of older people - i.e. the skills, behaviours and values of health and social care staff in supporting the health literacy needs of service users and carers.

Key recommendations and next steps