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Communicating, Connecting, Caring

From Good to Great

Making your communication excellent

As with many skills, there can be a big gap between knowing about what constitutes excellent communication and relationships and consciously starting to implement it.  Ultimately the goal is that you communicate and relate to patients in a highly effective, person-centred as an unconscious part of normal style and practice.

The Natural Process of Skills Development

This section outlines the theory of a model of skills development known as the 'Conscious Competence' model, the origins of which are the subject of some debate. 

Click below to see a description of the model as a matrix.


For further information on the model, please listen to the podcast.

Conscious Competence Model Podcast

You can download the audio file here.

A full guide to the model is available at:

This process sounds complicated but is familiar to all sports coaches.  For example, a golfer may be doing okay, but a coach identifies problems with his/her swing and intervenes to try to improve it.  The golfer may then struggle trying to implement a new swing, and performance gets worse.  With support and practice, the golfer perfects the new swing and finishes up a much better golfer than at the start.


Tips for Success

Please click on the link below for some tips on how to succeed in developing and improving your communication and human relationships skills.