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Communicating, Connecting, Caring

Developing Self

Do you really know how good your communication and relationship skills and behaviours are? Have you ever had feedback about how you communicate and relate to other people?

Good communication and the ability to develop positive relationships are central to the provision of healthcare.  You've probably learned about these in many different ways throughout your career such as going on training courses, participating in workshops and observing your colleagues but...

  • Have you ever been supported to regularly focus on the way you communicate and relate as a priority area?
  • Have you reviewed your current practice and asked for feedback from others?
  • Have you identified your learning needs and then been supported to meet these needs within your own work environment?

All of the above are key to making excellence in communication your normal practice.

Interested in finding out more? Click on the links below to find information and tools to support you to reflect, review and further develop your own communication and relationship skills and behaviours.