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Communicating, Connecting, Caring

Factors Impacting on Communication

The nature and quality of communication and relationships within a health care environment are influenced by a wide range of factors, including work based or individual factors and policy.

National and Local Policy

The need for ongoing effort to support improved capability in communication and human relationships has been emphasised in numerous policy documents.

Person-Centred Care

Person-centred care involves placing the person and their experience at the heart of care and is an underpinning principle of the Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland.

Person-centred approaches aim to provide care that is respectful of and responsive to individual preferences, needs and values and also ensure that the person's values guide all clinical decisions. Effective communication and the ability to build effective relationships are therefore essential for all healthcare practitioners. Planetree is an orgnisation that promotes person-centred models of healthcare and it has some useful information and resources on it's site. The Patient Centred Care Improvement Guide can be downloaded from Planetree. It incorporates a self assessment tool which you might find useful. Even if this tool is not for you pages 20-32 debunk some of the myths sometimes associated with person centerd care which is helpful.

Please click below to view a presentation on Person-Centred Care.

What Influences the Quality of Communication?

A wide range of factors influence the quality of communication and relationships between patients and healthcare practitioners. It is clear from reports from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman that communication repeatedly appears as a key issue in relation to complaints about healthcare. This may be a reflection of poor communication skills but it may also reflect underlying attitudes, values or behaviours and/or external factors which influence healthcare communication. Please click on the diagrams below for further information.

Existing Factors That Can Influence An Interaction


Wider Factors That Influence The Quality Of Communication And Human Relationships